Travelling to the magical Hawaii


Hawaii is a magical country worth travelling to. It’s one among the most popular destinations among the tourists. Its best known as a vacation spot, beautiful islands with warm beaches covered in white sand and lush flora, verdant. Hawaii offers the best getaways for both couples and individuals and it never disappoints.

magical HawaiiKauai Island, home to nature lovers

For those who love nature, Garden Island as its commonly known is an ideal place to visit. It has one of the best offers like hiking, zip lining, kayaking and snorkeling. Due to the tropical rainforest one has access to the most beautiful view while zip lining. The island has a highway around it ensuring easy access to it. The island is also home to the best suffers, with plenty surf spots.

Hawaii Polynesian cultural center

Travelling and not picking a thing or two along the way is heartbreaking. The best place to pick a cultural dance in Hawaii is in the Polynesian cultural center. The life of Hawaii Polynesian islanders is demonstrated through games, music, craft demonstrations and dance describing their daily life and culture.

Each of the islands has its own location and performers mostly come from the island they all represent. This dances are performed in the evening. The cultural center is among one of the best places to learn of their culture and learn their dances.

Road trip to Hana Maui

As commonly seen hiking in Hawaii is more common than a drive along the Hana Maui Highway. It’s a great drive through the beautiful Maui. The drive does not only lead to Hana but also to their legendary tales historical moments of the islands.

The road has about 620 curves and more than 59 bridges with some being only a lane wide. This helps to add up to the scary excitement of the trip. Some of the bridges date as far back as 1910 and they were made of concrete and steel. The drive provides a view of the waterfalls, islands and bamboo forests.

The Haleakala National Park

The Haleakala Park shows a great view of the Haleakala inactive volcano that’s over 10,000 feet. The scenery are most beautiful especially during mornings. The exposed crater brings into view a landscape that is lunar-like, a subtropical forest that is home to the most threatened species. For most adventurers of the traveler’s, camping while park confined in Hawaii’s breathtaking landscape is an exciting feeling.

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