Travelling to the Kenyan Coast


Travelling to Kenya is one of the best decisions an individual can make. It’s widely known for its rich scenery and more so for its sandy beaches. A trip to the coast of Kenya can work magic on one’s life. There’s way too much to see and lots of fun activities to do.

Visiting workshops and cultural centers, scuba diving, and a visit to the Lamu Old Town and Fort Jesus for the history lovers.

Travelling to the Kenyan CoastHotel varieties and transport

Once in the coast accommodation should be the least of your worries. There many hotels in this region that are extremely pocket friendly depending on once choice.  Ranging from luxurious hotels, budget and mid-range hotels. They  also offer transport from the airport and to the areas the traveler wishes to visit.

Bombolulu workshops and cultural centers

Bombolulu workshop and cultural center is widely known. Most of its workers are persons with disabilities who are artisans. Since most individuals love travelling and keeping memories, Bombolulu is one of the best place to purchase some items.  They produce jewelry, soft furnishings and wood.

The cultural center has a traditional setting, round thatched houses and teaches the people’s culture. One can also take traditional meals and watch dancers perform some traditional dances and even participate in them offering the best mode of interaction

Wasini Island scuba diving

In addition to learning traditional dances, swimming alongside the dolphins is an exquisite feeling. Getting to Wasini Island for these activities is by dhow. Among the enjoyable things is dolphin spotting on the traditional dhow. It also offers passengers an opportunity to dive the coral reefs and snorkel along the way. Most important are the famous Shimoni caves located in Wasini Village that served as holding sites for slaves awaiting shipment to Arabia.

The famous Fort Jesus

It’s among the top tourist attractions in the region. Built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and in the shape of a man. It was named Jesus as a reference to religion. It houses a museum built by former barracks. Her exhibits include the pottery and ceramic collections representing the different cultures that conducted their trade along the coast.

Omani house within the Forts compound displays the Swahili life and houses Omani jewelry. Inclusive in the Fort are passage arches cut through the coral giving a direct access to the sea.

The Swahili famous Lamu Old Town

Located in the southeast of Mombasa Lamu is built in memory of the Portuguese who ruled the port. The town is inhibited mostly by Asians and Arabs, with architecture reflecting their cultures. The town has a donkey sanctuary and they are the major means of transport and a Swahili proverb says, ‘a man without a donkey is a donkey’. It’s also has a rich Swahili culture and one can pick up a few Swahili words. It also holds festivals to promote the culture.

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